Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interview on Kai Strand's blog Strands of Thought!

Hello, everyone, and happy Wednesday!

Author Kai Strand has interviewed me about The Curse Girl for her series Three Times a Charm, so head over and read/leave a comment if you'd like!

I'm also going to be announcing some news about upcoming books in the next few weeks if everything goes well. I've been hard at work, and it's been a long summer full of starts and stops, but I think I'm finally making good progress with Darkdweller (and some other projects that sort of came out of nowhere).

Anyway, have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Hey there. I just read your guest piece - I too am a fan of Nathan's - he writes good posts :)I'm your latest GFC follower - hope you can stop by my place soon too.

  2. Hi Shauna! Nice to meet you :-)

  3. Hey Katie,

    Thanks for fielding the comments on your interview. I really appreciate it!


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