Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA and the Internet Blackout

In case you weren't aware, today numerous websites like Wikipedia, Reddit, ICanHazCheezburger, etc are participating in a blackout to protest SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).

I don't exactly have enough regular content to participate in a "blackout," since I don't post every day, but I would like to use my blog to raise awareness and point people in the direction of more information.

I am against piracy, yes, but I think this bill is a very bad idea, and I am very concerned about the impact it would have on the internet and the expression of ideas. Instead of solving the problem, I think this bill will create a myriad of new ones.

Read the information and decide for yourself.

What Is SOPA?

More About SOPA and PIPPA

Sign The Petition

Please take a few moments to educate yourself about this issue today!


  1. I'm also anti-piracy but this bill give government power to prevent the freedom of speech and expression. I'm already pretty angry over UK extradition laws to the US.

    Thanks for linking the petition!

  2. amen!

    piracy is so very terrible.
    sopa/pipa is worse.

  3. Agreed, and exactly why I went a little quiet today myself.

  4. Kamille: No problem!

    Vic: I think so. I think piracy is terrible. But this bill is absolutely frightening.


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