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 In the north, Briand struggles to hold her ground as thief-queen against slavers and other threats in the wretched city of Gillspin. Meanwhile, her reputation grows as more and more misfits and orphans flock to join her alter ego, the Scarlet Blade.

Kael of Estria, Monarchist spy and now the captain of Prince Jehn's royal guard, must rescue the Monarchist refugees from Cahan's army.

Prince Jehn is locked in a battle of wits with the queen of Nyr, his wife in name only, whom he is secretly in love with. The queen, sometimes an ally and sometimes an enemy with her own agenda, has secrets that Jehn cannot decipher. As they battle for dominance in the Nyrian court, the consequences might prove deadly.

Loyalties will be tested. Love will be questioned. Secrets will be revealed. Hearts will be broken.

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The 6th installment in the beloved Kingmakers' War series!





The war continues to rage across Austrisia, and the players in the battle for the throne continue to employ magic, trickery, and political intrigue in their quest to rule the land. In the north, Briand takes the splintered throne as Guttersnipe the thief-queen, longing for the man she loves despite everything that has transpired. Prince Jehn prepares for his marriage in a dangerous foreign court. Meanwhile, Kael assembles an elite guard from across the country... and makes plans to pay a visit to a certain fierce, tempestuous thief-queen.

He can't stay away. Even if she might end up putting a dagger through his heart.

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