Friday, March 29, 2013

Summary for BLUEWING!

Hi all!

Today I have the book summary for BLUEWING for you guys! And stay tuned, because I should have the cover to reveal sometime next week...

(highlight to read, because it's spoilery if you haven't read the previous books)

Lia Weaver is a fugitive. Her family's farm has been confiscated by Farther soldiers, her sister has been reassigned to a new family in the village, and her official status is "missing." Now, she and a band of fugitive followers must make their home in the harsh wilderness of the Frost. Food is scarce, and hope is scarcer still as Lia tries to find information about the whereabouts of her missing friends. She is determined to rescue them, but when a surprising ally steps forth with an offer that will both return her friends and expel the Farthers from the Frost in exchange for something very precious, Lia must make a choice.

I'm really hoping that BLUEWING will be available at the end of April for purchase. We'll see--it depends on a few things getting finished quickly. But I'm finished with the first round of edits and I'm sending the manuscript back to my editor next week. Fingers crossed, y'all.

I really hope you all enjoy this book. I think it's my favorite so far in the series, although it's hard to choose favorites.

In other news, I've already started work on the first draft of TWO more Frost books: book #5, the final book in the series(!!!), and a companion novella from Ann's perspective that spans most of the series.


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