Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cover reveal: OF SEA AND STONE!

Hi everyone!

There are a LOT of blogs participating in my Of Sea and Stone cover reveal, so here's one I picked at random. Head over and check out the prettiness!



Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Faucet of Ideas

Sometimes I wish I could turn off the faucet of ideas, just for a little while, until I could get the ones waiting in line written.

Every once in a while someone asks how I get my ideas. I don't think any writer knows, really. They come to you. Sometimes in dreams, sometimes while you're driving down the road or having a conversation with a friend. Sometimes they introduce themselves as characters, sometimes it's a single image, sometimes it's the bigger framework of the story, the concept.

The ideas won't leave me alone.

Of Sea and Stone comes out soon, and I'm already working on the sequel, which is still untitled, as well as a completely new and different series. Yes, another new series! I'm up to my ears in new stuff. I'm really excited for these new stories. Still, it's hard to say goodbye to familiar worlds, and leaving the Frost was difficult and emotional. But I'm happy to get to play in some new places now, and I felt like Lia and company deserved some happiness for once, so I was glad to give them an ending.

As soon as I finish something, though, the ideas come flooding in and they're all clamoring to be written.

It's the best kind of exhaustion.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Coming Soon! OF SEA AND STONE!

Okay guys, some news!! Sorry for the long radio silence. I've been working like mad on several really exciting projects. And I have news!

First, there's been a title change. I was previously calling the new book Sea Captive, but the new and final title will be Of Sea and Stone.

(Add it on Goodreads!)

It will be #1 in a brand-new series, and you'll hear a lot more about that in the upcoming weeks, and get to see the cover, and all that good stuff! I'm doing a cover reveal with Xpresso Book Tours, so if you're a blogger and you want to participate in that, I'll have a sign up link available shortly.

EDIT: Here's the sign-up link if you would like to participate in the cover reveal for Of Sea and Stone!

Second, I'm currently in the middle of revisions for newly-christened OSaS. Ack! Revisions are hard and make me crave chocolate and never getting out of bed. But I'm slogging through them, then my lovely editor will have a second pass at the novel, and then more revisions and then proofing and formatting. I should be done with the book by sometime in early Feb. I'll give you an idea of the release date a little closer to them, and you can always sign up for my new releases newsletter or click on my Amazon profile and subscribe under "stay up to date."

Third, Of Sea and Stone is coming out in February, so stay tuned for more information, teasers, and excerpts in the upcoming weeks. I'll also be participating in a "book blitz" to spread the word about the new series, and I'll have a sign up eventually for that as well, so again, if you blog and want to participate, stay tuned because I'd love to have you.

Fourth, I'm working on a new and secret project in between revisions for Of Sea and Stone. Am I crazy? Probably. Do I love this new project? YES YES YES. It is lovely and weird and really cool. There's magic and hot guys and cool worldbuilding and, of course, all kinds of delicious secrets and mysterious things. I hope you guys like it. It's not a very long piece, maybe novella length, and the start of maybe a series of stories set in the same world and following several characters. I'm not sure yet, it's all very in flux right now, but I am excited about it and I think you guys are going to love it.

Thank you to every lovely person who has written me in the last few weeks about my books. It always makes my day. You guys are the best.



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