Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Faucet of Ideas

Sometimes I wish I could turn off the faucet of ideas, just for a little while, until I could get the ones waiting in line written.

Every once in a while someone asks how I get my ideas. I don't think any writer knows, really. They come to you. Sometimes in dreams, sometimes while you're driving down the road or having a conversation with a friend. Sometimes they introduce themselves as characters, sometimes it's a single image, sometimes it's the bigger framework of the story, the concept.

The ideas won't leave me alone.

Of Sea and Stone comes out soon, and I'm already working on the sequel, which is still untitled, as well as a completely new and different series. Yes, another new series! I'm up to my ears in new stuff. I'm really excited for these new stories. Still, it's hard to say goodbye to familiar worlds, and leaving the Frost was difficult and emotional. But I'm happy to get to play in some new places now, and I felt like Lia and company deserved some happiness for once, so I was glad to give them an ending.

As soon as I finish something, though, the ideas come flooding in and they're all clamoring to be written.

It's the best kind of exhaustion.

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