Saturday, August 31, 2019

Follow me on Pinterest!

Hi all!

I just started an author Pinterest account. I'll be making all kinds of mood boards for current and upcoming books. If you want sneak peeks and teases of things to come, you can follow me here.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Latest Releases and Things

Hi everyone!

Lots of news. Let me start by introducing you to my newest book, SPELLWOOD ACADEMY!

If you love academy fiction, whimsical worlds, broodily handsome love interests, or anything fairy, you can read it here (also in Kindle Unlimited).

And if you haven't already seen, I have two books available for pre-order!

Get here
Get here

(Note: release dates are subject to change, but the release date will only get moved FORWARD.)

For Kingmakers' War fans--I am anticipating a late fall release for book #9, which is about 30% finished right now. I haven't forgotten about that series. Don't worry! Exciting things to come. :)


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