Monday, November 13, 2017

New covers! Free books!

Hi everyone!

First, I'm running another promo and OF SEA AND STONE is free for Kindle readers right now! This is a finished series, so if you like to binge your books, you can read the whole thing from start to finish. The whole series is also available in Kindle Unlimited temporarily.

You can get Of Sea and Stone free by clicking here.

I felt like freshening up some book covers, so I redesigned the rest of the Secrets of Itlantis series last week. Here are the new covers:

I'd redesigned Of Sea and Stone forever ago, and hadn't gotten around to making the rest of the books match. Finally did that... I was fun to sit down and do a whole series of covers all at once. Usually I'm designing them one at a time as I release the books.

I'm pretty sure By Sun and Saltwater is my favorite. That was always my least favorite cover of the old ones.

I also redid the cover for The Season of Lightning. I've had trouble with the covers for that book... I felt like the old cover slightly misrepresented the genre and didn't feel particularly YA and didn't really match the mood of the book either.

Here's the new one:

In other (final) news, I'm working on the next book in the Kingmakers' War series.

Happy reading, everyone!


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