Upcoming Projects

The Kingmakers' War #8

More angst. More romance. More Kael. Coming early 2019)

Red Riding Hood Retelling (Title TBH)

This one is going to be a gritty post apocalyptic romance/spy story with werewolves. 

[To-be-revealed Title / Codename POD]

I've been carrying this story around in my head for years, y'all. YEARS. It is dear to my heart, and a little weird, and a little scary, and oh man has it been challenging for me to figure out how I want to capture it on the page. I think I've figured it out. I think I'm almost ready to write it. I hope to start outlining it in Feb/March 2018.

[Untitled Book / Codename Garden]

This retelling of Sleeping Beauty is coming in 2018 (but I don't know when, exactly). I have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen, as well as some of the main characters, but I have a lot of plotting and development to do before I can actually sit down and write it. I'm SO excited about this book. It has so many lush settings and quirky, weird magic. It's set in the same universe as The Curse Girl.

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