Saturday, September 7, 2013

Darkest Worlds is available for sale!

Darkest Worlds, a dystopian anthology which includes a Frost short story, is now available for sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Here's the summary of my Frost story, which is 10,000 words (essentially a novelette):

Survival Lessons by Kate Avery Ellison, author of Frost: A young Farther prisoner named Eva escapes into the monster-filled wilderness of the Frost with a band of fellow inmates, all of whom are harboring secrets...but little do they know that Eva has secrets of her own. Set in the world of The Frost Chronicles.

The story is non-essential to the main series (meaning you don't have to read it in order to read/enjoy/follow the main series plot line), but the events that occur in this story do tie in with a plot point mentioned in Aeralis, PLUS a few familiar characters make cameos in it!

So be sure to check it out if you're interested. The anthology also includes dystopian works by five other fabulous authors--SK Falls, Katie French, Zoe Cannon, Megan Thomason, and AG Henley. And don't forget--all proceeds go to charity!

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