Friday, February 20, 2015

The Season of Lightning is Available!

Hi everyone!

Well, The Season of Lightning beat my (human) baby out into the world. It's now available for purchase on Amazon, for Nook, and coming very soon in print on Amazon (available now in print here).

This is my favorite book I've written. I hope you all enjoy it very much. Meanwhile, I'll be lying on the couch waiting to go into labor.

Here's a quick refresher on the summary:

Emma meets Robin Hood in an antebellum-esque fantasy set in the same world as A Gift of Poison.
Verity Elysius is the only daughter of a famous retired general and rich plantation owner. She lives in an insulated world of wealth and privilege, where she spends her time riding her horse, sassing her lady's companion, and being tormented by the family's handsome but irritating nobleman friend, Lord Roth. But when a mysterious, masked vigilante called the Hawk begins stirring up trouble and freeing silvras, the oppressed lower class, Verity's world is turned upside down as she is challenged about everything she knows about her world and her place in it.


  1. The description of this book is so true.. an amalgam of Robin Hood and Emma. To be honest I enjoyed it more than a gift of poison. The heroine is just lovable enough and imperfect enough to be friends with. I wish this was a series, I want to know more.

  2. Thank you for the diversity of your characters. It is rare for me to read fantasy/steampunk/paranormal with characters who could look like me. I was excited to read that everyone looks so different. I am on the fifth of your books!


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