Monday, October 3, 2011

Indie Rockstar?

Happy October, my favorite month!! *tosses confetti*

I was going to ask you all a question about business, but first, an impromptu celebration! The Curse Girl has been selected as one of this month's contestants for Indie Rockstar! (You can find out more about what that is here.)

It's basically a fun, community-organized way of showing support for your fellow authors, and I am delighted to have been included in this month's running. Only authors can vote, but if you are an indie author and you want to be included ... *blinks* *smiles*


Here's my question: Do any of you authors have business cards? Do you see any reason/point/perks of having them? Or is that weird?

I was thinking about it, and it WOULD be nice to be able to whip out something with my blog URL, book info, and author name on it when people ask about my books. On the other hand, who does that? I would feel silly unless I was at a conference or something else writing-related.

What do you think?


  1. I think business cards are a great idea for people in ANY profession looking for an easy way to network with others. I actually even made myself a blog business card just because I got tired of always jotting down the address when people ask me about it. It's so easy now to just hand out a little card with the url and my email. (I made my own with a Word template and inkjet printer but there's a lot of websites that will print them professionally and inexpensively too - I know lots of people recommended a site called Vista Prints.)

    Congrats on the Indie Rockstar selection!

  2. Hrm... once I get something finished I might apply for that Indie Rockstar thing. It looks pretty cool. Congrats!

  3. I have writing business cards, but I very rarely use them. Sometimes I give a few out at conferences to people I meet because it's an easy way to exchange contact info, but I've exchanged way more out to people who are already my good friends so we can ooh and ahh at each others' designs. It's worth the $20 I spent to have them, though, just in case.


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