Monday, October 24, 2011

Tomorrow: Internet Book Fair Blogfest

Did your elementary school ever have book fairs? Mine did, and I looooooved them--first we'd get a catalog with all the books displayed in tempting rows for us to drool over. I'd pour over the descriptions and circle my favorites, and I'd place an order far in advance.

(c) Horia Varlan
When the books finally came in, we'd get a few hours off to go and browse in the library where all the glossy new books were piled on long tables and displayed on little racks and stands. Everyone picked up their orders, but there were plenty of other books to handle and hold until you just had to buy them too. Temptation, I tell you. Anyway, I always wanted to buy everything on the tables (but usually ended up having an allotted fund for 2 or 3, sadly).

Tomorrow, a bunch of authors are taking part in an internet book fair. And while I can't bring anybody the experience of smelling fresh book pages or stroking a sleek cover through the screen, there will be books to browse! On this blog, I will be offering cover pics, a summary, an excerpt, blurbs, and some links to reviews for The Curse Girl. And of course I'll have links to the book fair main, where you can find the rest of the authors participating.

So if you're a writer, you might want to jump on board (there's still room for you to participate), and if you're a reader, come and browse tomorrow.

At least this time around, my book fund is a little bigger. :)

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  1. i've seen this poking around a bit, but wasn't sure what it was. now, i'm looking forward to seeing all the good books displayed around the place!


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