Saturday, November 5, 2011

Don't Give Up

Writers, what keeps you going when you get discouraged? What one thing motivates you to keep telling stories, to keep putting the words on the paper even when you want to quit?

Is it the love of the craft, the thrill of seeing your name on the cover, the pleasure of knowing you've created a world other people can get lost in for a few hours? Do you write from a sheer need to do so?
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It's all of the above for me, but most of all I think I keep going because of those moments when someone tells me they loved what I wrote. It's a powerful feeling, like a creative hug--we've collaborated together to tell a story. Me by writing it, the reader by reading and imagining it.

I love sharing stories.

Happy writing, all! 


  1. My motivation is that I've given up everything and I'm going all-in with my fiction. I can't fail because if I do, I have nothing left. That helps me sober up and churn out the words that desperately need to be written!

  2. keep up with the writings! writing is damn entertaining !!

  3. It's the characters in my head. They start to talk to me when I stop, and that's just creepy.

  4. JJ: A pretty darn good motivation, I'd say.

  5. Jaimie: Haha. I know the feeling! I definitely start to feel a little crazy in my head when I don't write.


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