Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good News, Snow Flurries, and Cute Kitties!

Hey everybody! Happy almost-December!

Where I live (Georgia), most of the leaves have fallen, and the trees are all naked and shivery in the brand-new chill that's descended. There's even talk of snow flurries today. Winter (and some of my best writing time) is almost here!

Have you survived November? I barely did... but it's almost over...


But! I have so many good news to tell you guys :)

First, the print version of The Curse Girl is on its way to being for sale on Amazon. I'm not sure when it will go live, exactly, but probably next week. I'll let you all know.

Second, I have a newsletter now! This is something that's very, very handy for ME for being sure people who want to see information do so, since it's hard to be sure that everyone saw a tweet or clicked on a blog post in their feed, y'know? If you are a fan of my writing or books at all, and you want to make sure you know when my latest book comes out, you should definitely sign up for this!!

(c) liz west

Here's the deets:

1) I will not spam you... believe me, I don't want to be sending lots of emails. That is definitely not my style.

2) I'm not gonna sell/give away anybody's email. Yada yada. (People always say this, so I thought I'd include it, but I don't even how I would do that... who would I give it to?!)

3) I'll only use the newsletter to inform subscribers of a new book release, a massive superawesome sale (or free book!!), or a really cool giveaway that has prizes like signed copies or other stuff like that. In other words, probably less than one email a month, if that.

4) If you are signed up for the newsletter, I'll try to make it so you will get really awesome perks. I'll try to include some kind of awesome thing in each email, like if I have a new release and you're on the subscribed list then you might get a coupon for a cheaper download, or a free download of some extra stuff relating to the book, or something cool like that.

5) Also, subscribers will always get points in any kind of contest or giveaway I have, and never fear--if you're already a subscriber before the contest, you'll get bonus extra points.

In other words, subscribers to the newsletter are kind of like VIP readers.

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Anyway, hope you sign up. I really want to make it something that would benefit you guys, too. But yes, perks for subscribers in the future! Also, if you sign up now you'll get a coupon for 50% off the Smashwords price of The Curse Girl (it's already 25% off at Amazon and B&N right now, but full-price at Smashwords). So if you haven't bought The Curse Girl yet, you can get a 50% off coupon. I'll have a better incentive later, for all you people who already own it.

Happy almost-December, everybody! Did you have a good November?


  1. I hope it snows enough tonight that I don't have to come to work tomorrow. I'm channeling last January's storm to see if it can make an encore.

    Signed up! What do I win? ;^)

  2. I'm in East Tennessee, so we're supposed to get snow, too! And I signed up for your newsletter, yay! And I will be checking out Amazon for CURSE GIRL! Such a beautiful cover, btw.

  3. @Josh: I was thinking about that crazy snowstorm last night. My husband is hoping he gets snowed in, too. And stay tuned for a pretty awesome giveaway that I'm hoping to have around Christmas or New Year's!

    Holly: Thanks! I designed it myself. Hope you guys get a few flurries!

  4. I saw a few flakes of snow this morning! (I'm in Tennessee.)

    Congrats on the print version! :D How exciting! And I signed up for the newsletter. Your book cover is lovely!

  5. annnnddd signed-up! gee! that was easy! :)


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