Monday, October 18, 2010

Zombicorns and Answering Questions

Happy Monday!

Actually, this Monday was a bit of a dud, and not very happy at all besides the slice of double chocolate ice cream cake I ate after work. So I added a zombicorn to this post, because zombicorns cannot help but make everything better.

 * Zombicorn *



I have a question for you guys! If you're an aspiring author, do you tell people about your goals and dreams? Are you candid with your family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances? Or do you mumble something about your day job when they ask what you do/want to do, leaving the writer bit out completely? Or is it something in between?

I know people mean well, but I have a hard time with this question.

Annnd question 2! If you DO tell them, what do you say? If you DON'T, why? Leave your thoughts in the comments, please! I'm planning a post about my feelings on the matter, and I'm interested in seeing what other writers think.


  1. Only my closest family members know I write. I'm a very private person, and writing is too close to my heart and soul to share with many. Maybe if I can get published one day, that will change. But not for now!

  2. Though I just write for fun, I don't talk about it often. I prefer to be private and since I blog anonymously, it would be counterproductive to tell many folks.

  3. @Jemi I'm pretty much the same way. Only close family members know (and some of those against my will...)

  4. @Slamdunk For me, "counterproductive" would mean I start avoiding people who always ask me about agents and publishing and how everything is coming, questions that make me incredibly uncomfortable. Yikes!

  5. writing (and this blogging stuff) takes so much of my time... and the reason i don't sleep. so when i stumble into work after a really productive writing night, it helps to answer all the "why do you look like death warmed over" questions with a quick "up late writing." to which they give a quick nod, but then shake their heads in pity when i turn my back. i don't get questions about how long the process will take. i work as a glorified dishwasher, and anyone who knows me in life expects failure- so it's no big if they know i write for me. :)

  6. I don't usually tell people because it sparks a long conversation I'm not interested in having. If they write or like writing (like if they're an English major), I'm more apt to tell them.

  7. I never used to tell people. But since I talk about it on my blog, my friends, acquaintances and strangers know. That actually makes it weirder since people I've never talked to about it, ask me how the agent hunt is going.

  8. @aspiring_x I DO think telling people would lead to more understanding on the part of a few baffled friends/acquaintances who think I don't do much with my time.

  9. @Connie I don't mind when people online ask me ... for some reason it just bothers me when I feel like I'm being bugged about it the way family bugs me about having a kid. Odd, but there it is.


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