Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where Do You Read?

Right now in Georgia the weather is perfect for reading. The air is slightly cool and just crisp enough to remind me of a fresh apple. Leaves are trickling down from the sky like ticker tape, and the sunlight slants just so through my windows and makes patterns on the floors of every room.
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In other words, FALL.

I find myself more eager to read (and write) in the fall. There's something in the air, a kind of energy that I can't quite describe or even fully understand. It gets into my blood and makes me hungry for stories. I've been spending a lot of time curled up on (or in!) my bed, snuggled up with a book and dreaming of other worlds.

Do you have a favorite place to read? Writers, do you have a favorite place to write?

Mine, for both, is in bed no matter what time of day it is.


  1. I used to have a favorite place to read. Several times, actually. When I was a kid growing up in Illinois, we had these giant bushes in the yard and I would climb inside one and read. Or I would climb on the roof of the house and read up there.

    Also, how am I just realizing you're in Atlanta, too?

  2. My favorite place was next to the fireplace at my parent's house. Unfortunately, I moved out a few years ago and my apartment has no fireplace. =(

  3. Joshua: Yup, I'm a Georgia peach! Roof of the house? Nice! We had a playhouse when I was a kid, and I liked to hang out on it, but I don't think I read up there much.

    Patricia: I always loved hanging out by the fireplace with a good book. Unfortunately, my current house's fireplace isn't set up right and we never use it. Maybe someday!

  4. I tend to read for an hour or two right before I go to sleep. Since I'm an avid e-books reader, it's really easy to just hold up my iTouch and read away.

    Not to sound crass, but I also like to read on the porcelain throne. It makes me feel productive. :D

  5. JJ Lancer: Haha! I think everyone does that, whether they admit it or not ;-)

  6. My favourite place to read is definitely in bed, sitting up, with a cup of tea by my side :-)

  7. Sarah: Yaaayyy, another bed-reader! Tea is an excellent touch, yes.

  8. the corner of the couch. someday i hope to find the perfect reading chair. i can see it in my head, it will be red and soft and big and squishy and old and i'll be able to sit in it criss cross applesauce and have a big blanky and a warm cup of hot cocoa, and... ohyeah baby!

    also, i feel the exact same way about the fall. i think a lot of it has to do with the conditioning of a new school year. new text books, new lessons unfold into halloween and the best books to read in english class...

    gotta love the autumn!

  9. Vic: I had a favorite "reading chair" when I was a kid--it was big and squishy and I loved to read in it!

  10. lucky skunk!!!
    hey! i need your email! pretty please!!??!
    *puppy dog eyes*

  11. Under the desk in school/college if I can get away with it. Now, I usually read in bed with a cup of tea and a biscuit!

  12. Kamille: Another person who reads in bed, woohoo! Seriously, it's my fav place to read. Very cozy.

  13. I grew up in Louisiana and also read in a giant bush. But, I'll read anywhere. Couch, park, ground, against a tree, on a bench, while eating, in bed, anyfreakingwhere. Writing is another story. I like to write someplace quiet. I wish I had a cabin in the woods. That would be my dream.

    Fall is my favorite as well. Clean and crisp while still full of life and movement.

  14. I like to read before I fall asleep, too. For writing, a cafe with lots of chatty diners is perfect. I need a little noise in the background.

  15. Charlie: You are the second person who's said they read in bushes! I too would like a cabin in the woods for writing. Right now, my bedroom or office is usually where I write.

    GP Ching: I have a hard time writing with lots of other people around because I'm easily distracted. But I can see how the hum of voices in the background might make a soothing "white noise" effect.


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