Friday, March 9, 2012

I Am A Dork

SPOILER ALERT: This post spoils a 60-year-old movie, ya'll ;-) So be forewarned.

So, this might be news to some of you guys, but... I am kind of a dork.

Case in point--I was hanging out with these people who are all about 25% cooler than me, and they were teasing our mutual friend because he was irritated over an article spoiling the plot point of a movie that is at least ten years old (but he's never gotten around to seeing yet).

I joined in the fun.

See, I like to think I'm like Lorelai Gilmore or something, snapping out these pithy pop culture references a mile a minute. But when I try to do that, usually this happens:

If life ever needed a hashtag, it's now. #fail

I have also accidentally referred to David Bowie as Jim Bowie, as in the Alamo guy.

I know it in my head, but it just comes out wrong.

Do you ever have any dorky moments of #fail?

PS ~ Captain Nemo looked over my shoulder while I was writing this, saw the first picture, and said, "Hon, it's ROSEBUD."

Me: "Yes, I know..." *sigh*


  1. When I read the first picture I thought smugly, "You mean Rosebud?" Then I realized that was the point. Then I felt dumb for feeling smug. You turned it on me!

    1. Evil cackle! The hubs did the exact same thing, lol.

  2. I mix people and things up all the time. I'll have a great long conversation about Al Pacino and then my Honey will eventually understand and (not-so) gently point out that I'm actually talking about Robert De Niro.

  3. Wait...David Bowie didn't fight at the Alamo and have a knife named after him? And here I was thinking he was immortal.

  4. I am terrible at telling jokes, which is sad since I know so many. I say the wrong thing a lot too, and my husband loves nothing more than to correct me each time.

    Newest follower. Saw "steampunk" in a previous post and was hooked.

  5. aw katie! too cute! i have a stutter and so i'll try to tell a joke or something, but i usually get stuck halfway through and screw up the punch line because of having to substitute another word for the one that just won't come out. ugh.


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