Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Week of Inspiration, Day 3: Travel

This week I'm celebrating and exploring the idea of inspiration--where it comes from, and how it can be stirred to life. Yesterday we talked about memories, and how that can feed a writer's stories. Directly related to memories is...

3. Travel

Visiting a new place can ignite a plethora of ideas in the writer's head. New sights, new experiences, new accents and food and weather and architecture...all these things can spark stories. And it doesn't have to be some place fantastic and glamorous, like Paris or London. For me, simply stopping at an unfamiliar gas station can fill my head with inspiration. Last year, my husband and I were driving to Michigan for a family vacation, and gazing at all those miles of uninterrupted cornfields and barns and tractors--Americana at its most stereotypical--out in the middle of nowhere gave me the first flash of an awesome sci fi story that I'm dying to write someday.

Even just a simple change of scenery can be inspiring. Next time you travel, be sure to take a notebook, and scribble down everything you see, hear, taste, or smell that inspires an idea.

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