Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ask Me Questions!

On Tuesday I visited a school and spoke to several classes of 8th grade students about writing. They asked me lots of questions, some of which were adorably hilarious (my favorite: what's your plan for the zombie appcalypse?"), and it gave me an idea.

I would love it if you guys would submit some questions for me that I can answer on the blog. You can email them to me at or you can just post them in the comments. Then I can spend some time responding in a few subsequent blog posts. I think it'll be fun! They can be silly, creative, or serious. They can be about writing or just life in general. I don't know if I'll answer every question (haven't decided yet), but I think this could be fun.

So ask me some questions, readers and friends!


  1. Okay, here goes. I've been trying to write fiction for 3 years now and still have not finished anything...seriously, anything. If I could publish a book of half stories I might do well. Lol. My question is, when you're writing a story (i.e. Frost - which I love by the way) how do you personally go about it? Do you get an idea, then make a detailed outline, then write? Do you envision a scene then start writing a story around it? What's your process?

  2. Hey... so... what IS your plan for the Zombie Apocalypse?

  3. Also. What video games do you like to play?

  4. Do you have a strict writing schedule, and how do you balance writing with family?

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  7. When you're completely drained of creativity, what do you do to rejuvenate yourself? :)
    -Ellie Ann


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