Monday, May 26, 2014

Author Earnings Report and Some News

This new report by Author Earnings is worth a read if you're considering what path to take for publication. I know Author Earnings is somewhat controversial, but like I said, worth considering for my readers and visitors who are hoping to become authors and still making the decision as to how.

Also, you can read my own Career Post to see how my own career journey has gone, and how I went from a penniless hopeful to earning a living wage (yes, it IS possible).

Other news--I am still making progress on the new book, #3 in the Secrets of Itlantis series. I have been largely silent on social media the last month or so because I've been dealing with a chronic health issue that sometimes crops up, and it was bad for a while, but I'm doing much better now and I am ready to get this book finished and out in the world for you lovely people to read. I hope to have a cover reveal ready shortly.

Happy reading!

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