Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NEW RELEASE A Gift of Poison available now!

A Gift of Poison is here!!

As the orphaned niece of a cruel lord, Briand is the scapegoat of the castle. She has few friends and even fewer options, and every day is a struggle to stay ahead of trouble caused by malicious guards and irritable castle servants.

Briand is set to be banished to the wildlands, a death sentence, when she when she accidentally unlocks a hidden power and involves herself in a rebel plot and her life abruptly changes.

Imprisoned in the company of a band of rebels, Briand must do what seems impossible: call up sleeping dragons in the north. But the fearsome Prince's assassins called Seekers are looking for her, Briand doesn't know if she can trust the mysterious, enigmatic rebel leader Kael, and there might be a traitor in the rebels' midst.

I truly love this book, you guys. I wrote it a few years ago and decided to revisit it this summer and revise it for release. I have a crush on Kael, and a deep and abiding love for a couple of the other characters that makes them some of my favorites I've ever written. This book a bit of a love letter to my teen reader self, who loved girl-power fantasy books like The Blue Sword and Crown Duel.

Also, I've enrolled it (for now) in Kindle Unlimited/Lending Library, so if you're a prime member you can read it for FREE.


  1. Congratulations! The books sounds great.

  2. As a fan, I can't help but ask: is this the book that you originally queried to publishers? The one that they said was really good, but not publishable for some reason or another?

    Either way, I love your books and can't wait to read this :)

    1. Yes it is! I got lots of great feedback at the time, but it wasn't what anybody was I queried looking for genre-wise. I'm glad to have it out in the world so people can enjoy it now.


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