Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Darkest Day in the Frost is here!

Hi everyone,

My holiday surprise anthology is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for Nook readers.

I enjoyed revisiting Lia, Briand, and Aemi for these holiday stories, and I hope you guys enjoy seeing them again too. All of the stories can be read by anyone, so even if you haven't read the Secrets of Itlantis series or the Frost series or the Kingmakers' War series, you won't find spoilers or be confused about previous plot elements.

Here's the summary:

Return to the world of the Frost (and other fantasy worlds) in this fantasy holiday anthology!

This short story collection contains three stories by Kate Avery Ellison, set in her fantasy series the Frost Chronicles, the Kingmakers' War, and Secrets of Itlantis.

"The Darkest Day in the Frost" - Lia Weaver and her siblings are struggling to survive after the death of her parents. But someone is watching out for her.

"The White Doe of Winterval" - Briand meets the new castle steward, Kael, on the eve of the winter holiday Winterval.

"The Last Sacrifice" - Aemi schemes to get her mother a necklace to wear for the Lighting ceremony. Nol tries to stop her.

Hope you all enjoy!


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