Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Book 6 in the Kingmakers' War series is....!

Hi all!

Good news. I have a title, a cover, and a (sort of) release timetable for you.

Book #6 in the Kingmakers' War, the saga of Kael and Briand and Jehn and all of the rest of our lovely group of misfits, is almost here!

A Court of Lies!

I think I said somewhere awhile ago that it would be called A Court of Rags, which 1) didn't end up quite fitting the symbolism of the story and 2) I forgot when I coined that title that I have a character in the series named Rags. So. Lies it is.

Lots of people do some lying in this book. As in all Kingmakers' War books. :)

The book is with my editor now, and after a few rounds of revisions, I'm going to release it. I'm trying this without preorders this time, and I'll probably do it the other way next time. Just getting a feel for what works best for me and for readers. But look for it around the end of June! I will, of course, send out news of the release on my New Releases Newsletter, Facebook, and this blog. So be sure to check!

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