Monday, August 9, 2010

First Post!!

Hello! Welcome to Southern Scrawl*, my new blog for all things pertaining to writing and the publishing process. My name is Katie, and I write books.

Lots and lots of books.
Lots of books. But not pretty published ones, not yet...

In fact, I think it's safe to say more books are being written than dishes are being washed, or carpets vacuumed, or weeds pulled.  And in GA, there are lots of weeds.

(Hopefully, one day, I will be publishing said books. Then I can hire a cleaning service.)

In the meantime . . .

This is my blog. I hope to document my process as I continue to write and query and rewrite and re-query. I'm living and learning. Maybe I can share some things that will help others.

~ Katie

* I briefly considered having a standard greeting, like "Hey ya'll!" to go with the whole southern drawl thing. But then I remembered how much I hate that word, even if I am a Girl Raised In The South. So ... um no.

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  1. Visiting from Matthew's site and wanted to say how creative your book concept discussed was. Well done.

    As a Southerner who moved North a decade ago, I sure miss my time below the Mason-Dixon line and will take any "yall" that I can.


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