Friday, February 18, 2011

In Which I Talk About Getting A Short Story Published

So awhile back, a very exciting thing happened. I sold my speculative short story "Vestigial Organs" to Daily Science Fiction. I didn't talk about it much because I'm weird like that (ie my OCD convinces me that good things will inevitably and inexplicably vanish) and I was worried it wouldn't actually happen, like maybe the editor would change his mind or the whole market would randomly decide to go bankrupt and close down, but he didn't and it didn't and now the day is almost here! On Monday the story gets mailed out to subscribers and then it will be archived on the site. I'll put up a link to the archived story when one is available.

I'm very excited. :-)

Excited writer is excited
(In other words: Squeeee!!!!!)

The thing I like about short stories is how easily I can handle the submission process--I can send out one or two a week, and when they come back rejected I just send them out again to some other place. It's like juggling. Not to mention how the rejections hurt SO MUCH LESS because I didn't spend a year of my life bleeding words into them, just a few hours or days.

But acceptances are still really sweet.

Happy Friday, peeps!


  1. Congratulations! Maybe one day my brain will rewire itself to want to write short stories. Right now, I find that once I'm interested, I'm interested... forever.

  2. Ooh, congrats! They're a great pub.

  3. Oh, what wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!

  4. How totally and awesomely exciting!! Big congrats. :)

  5. Thanks guys!! It means a lot :-)


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