Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Open In Case of Agent

If you're anything like me, then sometimes you probably find it hard to keep going amid all the waiting and rejection. Follow Your Dreams No Matter What! can be a lovely sentiment, but when you're staring a the latest rejection letter, wishing your dreams included a little more instant gratification and a little less heartbreak, you might need something to pick you up now and then.

No, I don't have an iphone :-(
I'm feeling a tiny bit of that today, so I thought I'd compile a folder for if when I get The Call. It's nice to think about, but more than that, I think it's a good thing to consider ahead of time.

Basically, I figure that should an agent ever call out of the blue with great news for me, I will probably be too flustered and hysterical to think of everything I need to ask. With that in mind, I'm going to compile a list of questions and considerations ahead of time so I can just pop over to my laptop, open the file, and ask away without having to wrack my brain.

Of course, I don't know everything I need to ask anyway, even if I'm not flustered with the news of my dream come true. To that I say, hello, interwebs!

I turned to Google and found this great list on Rachelle Gardner's blog:

Questions to Ask a Potential Agent

And she actually included another link in that article, to this handy blog post about some other considerations you need to make before signing with an agent:

Before You Hire a Literary Agent

So think about it. If you are still waiting on your good news, maybe this is a good time to get prepared for what you'll say when it happens.

Happy writing, everyone!


  1. thanks for the links! this is a terrific idea!!
    even though i'm WAY far from querying, i'm going to save these lists too!
    by the way, you should explain to us about that nifty water thing in your sidebar- or did i miss that post?

  2. Being prepared is definitely a good thing! And don't worry~your day will come:)

  3. I have a list in my computer too, compiled in the hope of some day.

  4. @aspiring_x Good idea, I should make a post about it. I just added it because I thought if I ever did a book giveaway, I would probably make charity donations one of the ways to get points (Candyland did this and I thought it was AWESOME). And hey, there it is! How easy is that? Plus hey, if anybody feels like giving some money, it's a good charity. I'm trying to "use my (very small) power for good."

  5. @Candyland Thanks :-) I hope so. I've had some success with short stories, but nothing on the novel front. Someday ...

  6. Yep, great links! I have a list too, just in case--I mean WHEN I get The Call. ;o)


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