Monday, April 18, 2011

First Cover Reveal

Happy Monday, everybody!

I am about a month away from the launch date for my first indie book, The Curse Girl. And that means ... a tentative, experimental, maybe-not-final-but-maybe-final cover reveal!!

* drumroll *

Notes about the cover:
* Do you like it?
* I made it myself, and I have zero design experience, so hopefully it isn't too terrible *bites nails*
* It cost me about $6 for a couple stock photos and putting them together/changing the colors/tweaking everything took me a few hours.
* I know some people (many people?) are not fans of "face" covers. I usually am not either. But this was easiest, trust me.
* More on the face thing ... I feel a good cover should do three things: 1) be colorful/interesting enough to catch a reader's eye, 2) clearly display the title, and 3) evoke some sense of the story's mood. Hopefully this cover does all those things, and if it does, then I am satisfied.
* MOST PRESSING QUESTION ~ Do you hate the way the C and G cross? I personally like it, but then the style/positioning of the words themselves gave me the most problems, and this seems to work, and I have probably lost all objectivity at this point. I wanted to do something slightly stylized without overpowering the sparkles in the background (and I could not find a script-ish font that worked for me and had a good, non-weird C and G), so I opted for simple and did the cross thing. If everyone HATES it I can change it. The only feedback I've gotten so far was positive, but that was just my husband and he is easy to please. But he specifically mentioned liking it--I didn't even ask.



  1. Anything I say about this would be nitpicking. My first reaction was "OooOOOOooooo." It caught me. It's great. That's all that matters -- that it works as a whole.

    I like the crossing of the C and G.

  2. Oh, yay! * beams *

    And btw, it sounds like you had an awesome time at the conference!

  3. PS. Make sure when you bought the photo rights you bought commercial rights. Rights to not just reprint but use it to sell stuff.

  4. I am PRETTY SURE I did ... everybody says different things about rights, but the site's "general rights" that I purchased specifically mentioned book covers. I will probably email them to check, though, because of my OCD.

  5. If I could change anything (see now I just had like five glasses of champagne) it would be to pick a cursive for your name that has less vertical height.

    But again, my initial reaction was one of "look, beauty!" and interest.

  6. You mean make it smaller? Also, where are you if you're drinking champagne?

  7. No, you can find another font that will have less vertical height. For instance.

    I just think that top line should cover more horizontal space than vertical. Be thin. Hell, I might even try a long, spaced-out sans-serif font or something.

    But that's just nitpicking/preference.

  8. Where was I drinking champagne? In a car.

  9. looks very nice! i especially like the c and g. but i'm shocked you can buy image rights for six dollars!

  10. The site I used makes you buy a number of credits, and I still have some credits left over that I'll use for something else, but the individual images themselves were very inexpensive if I purchased smaller resolutions with said credits. I got the Kindle recommended resolution for both, and it wasn't very expensive at all. Vectors and such were much more expensive than photos.


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