Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tips for Staying Focused on Your Writing

1.       Turn on computer.
2.       Open book file.
3.       Stare at blank page for a while.
4.       Check email JUST IN CASE an agent has emailed you begging to represent you.
5.       Check Twitter because YOU NEVER KNOW if @JKRowling has replied to you.
6.       Check Blogger because MAYBE?? your following has quadrupled since last night.
7.       Check CNN to see if pigs have started flying.
8.       Unfortunately, pigs still aren’t flying.
9.       Repeat steps 3-6. Twice.
10.   Write 1 sentence.
11.   Delete it.
12.   Write another sentence.
13.   Take a break and make moaning sounds while holding your head in a fetal position tell yourself you can do this.
14.   Get a drink of water.
15.   Scour youtube for videos of sheep fainting the internet for inspiration.
16.   Return to your word document.
17.   Count number of words written.
18.   Total word count: 11
19.   Decide you are going to be a physical therapist or something equally random instead of a writer.
20.   Eat ice cream cake.
21.   Feel better.
22.   Try again.
23.   And again.
24.   And AGAIN.

And again and again and again. Until you have a book.

(I don't always have this problem, FORTUNATELY! But some days I just. can't. write. a. word.)
Do you know the feeling?


  1. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. unfortunately yes. i know the feeling well, and it sucks! but then other days, i just can't stop writing. ahhhhh. balance is a helter-skelter thing for me.

  3. @Vic

    Yeah, seems like I'm either up until 3 AM writing furiously, or staring at a screen for hours. Or procrastinating with Twitter and Youtube.

  4. I know the feeling.

    I generally just try to muscle through and most of the time I eventually get back into the groove and writing becomes easier.

  5. @WeatheredP, Katie

    Misery, meet company :-/


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