Monday, June 27, 2011

Why I Hate Sleep

I know this is probably an unpopular thing to admit, but I pretty much hate sleeping, and always have.

Here's the story of my life (and last night):

1) 11:30ish PM - Feel bored, pick up Kindle, start reading book that seemed promising. Expect to read for 30 min or so before bed.
2) 12:30ish - Captain Nemo goes to bed.
3) Check the clock. 1:30. The story is too good!! Can't ... stop ... reading!!! Maybe I can finish it. Or at least get to a place where I can stand to put it down (it was really good).
4) 2:30 Still not done with the book, maybe 3/4ths of the way done. Realize that I want something to read tomorrow, anyway. Crawl into bed beside a grumpy, freshly awakened CN. Think about story. Mental squeeing commences.
5) Decide my current WIP (in edits now) needs more sexy, more spark, something to elevate it to the level of the book I'm squeeing about. Begin brainstorming as an effort to fall asleep (bad move, btw).
6) 3:30ish - bathroom!
7) 4? Can't look at the clock at this point ... come up with an amazing idea for WIP, decide to rewrite a large portion of the beginning, get extremely excited, give up on sleep for entire night.
8) Realize sleep is probably important.
9) Lie in bed cursing the need for sleep, long to write.
10) Finally drift off, wake up around 9 feeling like death.
11) Don't get out of bed for a long time.

Seriously, either I'm reading a great book that keeps me up half the night, or I'm brainstorming a great idea (why do almost all my great ideas come at 1:30 in the morning?) that won't let go of my imagination. Or I'm bored. I get really bored trying to go to sleep (which inevitably leads to 1) reading or 2) thinking about story ideas).

I haven't had a night's rest where I walk into the bedroom, lie down on the bed, shut my eyes, and fall asleep as simple as that in YEARS. (Quite possibly never, if you discount the week I was doing 10 hours of hard physical labor a day renovating our house before we moved in.) I couldn't believe the sleep I was getting that week. But unfortunately, writing does NOT count as hard physical labor, and working out doesn't seem to make that up in the sleep department.

So ... I know sleep feels nice, and is sort of necessary for sanity and survival. But I hate it.

Also, I'm really sleepy right now.


  1. I can so relate. It's almost 2am in my time zone, and yet I'm still awake. WHY?! I hate going to sleep, but then hate getting up too, so I can't really say I hate sleeping. I love it, actually. At least once I manage to make myself go to bed...

  2. Linda: I'm the same way, I guess ... once I AM asleep, I like to stay that way. But if I had the choice and could skip the whole things altogether, I would totally do it. I was very jealous of the Cullens, I'll put it that way.

  3. I can guarantee (almost) it's because you don't work full time. That puts you to sleep like nothing else.

  4. Hehehehe same with me. I know that people say that dreaming about stories are the best, but I refuse to think about my stories as I approach sleep. Because if I accidentally hit on an idea, my sleep is shot.

  5. I suffer from insomnia at night. I have to nap during the day sometimes to make up for it. (One of the few good things about unemployment). Also, my other half snores like you would not believe...

  6. Sleep and I get along very well. If only we could get together more often... :)

  7. Jaimie: Unfortunately, I worked full time for several years before I started writing and I didn't get more sleep--I got a lot less! I laid awake just as long and got up earlier. The only thing that's led to my sleeping more is 10+ hours of hard physical labor. I have to be so exhausted that I fall into bed, or I just lie awake. It sucks.

  8. Misha: I have gotten some fantastic ideas for stories in my dreams (my vivid, story-length dreams are pretty much the only thing I like about sleeping). But you're right--if I try to jump-start the process, I only make the problem worse!

    Sarah: My insomnia was worst in high school, where I routinely lay awake until 3 am with no stories to blame it on (I wasn't writing in hs). One of the boons about not working is definitely the extra sleep!

    Emily: Haha :-)

  9. When the creativity is flowing, sleep just gets in the way. I end up doing most of my writing in bed. Sometimes in the dark. This bothers my husband who does most of his snoring in bed.

  10. Maria: "Who does most of his snoring in bed." HAHA LOVE IT. Fortunately, Captain Nemo does not snore.

  11. Goodness, I was also awake for-eva last night, doing the exact same thing (too excited about new WIP stuff)! Also feel rather death-like due to late--er...early?--bedtime. Maybe there were some serious creativity vibes floating around... :-) Hope your WIP ideas turn out awesome!


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