Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Word of Advice

Something terrible happened yesterday.

My laptop is, well, essentially dead. It's complicated, and I don't know the technical explanation, but I can't access any of my files and I can't log on.

My husband, who is a brilliant computer programmer, is attempting the rectify the situation. He says he *might* be able to fix it. (He is hopeful.)

If he can't, though, I will probably lose everything on the hard drive.

So the bad news is I don't have my computer right now, and I might not get it back.

However, there is good news.

The GOOD news is that I obsessively back up everything I write, and I backed up my files the night before the computer died, something I do every night before bed. All my short stories, all my works in progress, all my finished manuscripts, more than a million words' worth of stuff--it's SAFE.

If you don't back up your work, YOU MUST. Seriously. If I didn't have all those files backed up ... I literally don't know what I'd do right now. We're talking more than five years' worth of blood, sweat, and tears gone in an instant. Again, more than a million words. I would probably die. Even thinking about such a possibility makes me shudder.

Anyway, folks, that's all for today. Sorry I haven't been very bloggy lately. I am working on a few super secret projects that hopefully I"ll be able to share soon.

Seriously--back up your stuff. Do it right now.


  1. I only started doing this recently after someone else had problems - and she didn't manage to save all hers.

    And yay for computer savvy husbands :)

  2. Sarah: Yes, my husband is AMAZING. He also formats my ebooks, another unbelievable plus.

  3. This explains why you haven't answered my email. *wink* Computer problems, big projects - both things very important.

    So glad to hear you back your stuff up! This happened to me too. Just downloaded back ups to my new computer and continued on my merry way.

  4. Sorry to hear about the computer failure, but glad you were prepared. We won't make that mistake again...

  5. Kai: I responded this evening! Sorry about that!! Life definitely got in the way lately ...

  6. UPDATE: The computer has been FIXED. My husband is a *genius*

  7. YAY so glad to hear your laptop's fixed! Thanks for the reminder about backing up files. I used to do that obsessively when I was using my old laptop and it was on the verge of dying any second. Since I got a new one I haven't been as consistent... time to get back in the habit, I think.

  8. yikes! i don't back up any of my art stuff... i really need to go get some more thumbnail drives.

  9. Linda & Vic: Every time I'd back stuff up, I'd think "I don't REALLY need to be this obsessive, do I?" But I never imagined I would have the computer crash that day. I was soooo thankful I'd been so careful when it actually happened. Definitely back that stuff up regularly!

  10. Ack! That would be terrible. I'm not sure how you back it up every DAY though. Hmm. Periodically I email my current novel to myself, but that's not enough. Okay, backing up my stuff is going on my list of things to do...


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