Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Once Upon a Beanstalk is LIIIIIIIIIVE on Amazon!

The Amazon news:

*Tosses confetti*

Well, I'm excited.

Once Upon a Beanstalk appeared for sale on Amazon at $0.99 late last night. Today it was #53 in the top 100 Fantasy Anthologies on Amazon, which was pretty fun to see (but by the time I took a screenshot it had dropped to #59... boo).

So anyway, if you have a Kindle and like funny, twisty short stories ... head on over and check it out. Feel free to like it or tag it too ;-)

Anyway, it isn't available on Smashwords or Barnes and Noble yet (those files have not been formatted, but hopefully they'll be ready for upload by the end of the week!), but when it is I will be giving away a few free copies in exchange for honest reviews. I'll have more info about that later.

Other announcements:

I have gone ahead and changed my name to Kate Avery Ellison on GoodReads, Twitter, this blog, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords. I think that about covers it ... I am still searchable as Kate Ellison, of course, but this way the other author's books aren't showing up in the lists of mine.


  1. Yay!! I'll have to check this one out! I absolutely LOVE the cover. :D

  2. As soon as I've worked out everything I want to buy with my Amazon gift card, I'll be grabbing this :-)

  3. Congrats on the new release and best of luck. I feel so behind on things these days. I'll be sure to get to Beanstalk as soon as I can!

  4. Awesome, Sarah!

    Thanks, Kai!

    Hope you guys enjoy it :-)


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