Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Author Spotlight: Joel Arnold's SNOW BURN

It's time for the next installment in my author spotlight series, where I'm interviewing select authors whose books are included in my Big Awesome YA Giveaway 2011.

If you haven't entered to win yet, you can find out more information about that here, and a list of all the prizes here..

And now, the interview...

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Kate: Today, I want to welcome author Joel Arnold. Joel is giving away three e-copies of his YA suspense novel Snow Burn in the Big Awesome YA Giveaway. Welcome!!

So, Joel. Tell me about Snow Burn. (BTW I love the title... it's got that slight dissonance of ideas--cold and hot--that somehow goes together perfectly at the same time. It's very intriguing!) What’s it about?

Joel: Seventeen-year old Tommy Connell knows he’s in trouble when he goes winter camping with his friend Vince Nguyen without telling his folks. But when they’re caught in a sudden blizzard, and the man they rescue from freezing to death turns out to be an escaped convict, Tommy’s troubles are only beginning. Now Tommy and Vince must not only survive the blizzard, but also find a way to keep Quinn – who’ll stop at nothing to stay out of prison – from killing them.

Kate: That sounds incredibly chilling!

What kind of reader would this story most appeal to, and why?

Joel: I think Snow Burn will appeal to YA readers and adults who like suspense. It also raises some ethical questions - sort of a 'what would you do in this situation?' kind-of-thing.

Kate: Tell us about the very first idea you had regarding this story, the one
that made you say “I HAVE to write this!” Was it a certain scene,
character, or situation?

Joel: It was the situation. I wanted to explore the ethics of - if you were in the position to save someone's life, but learned as you were doing so that this person is a criminal, would you continue to save them? Would you let them die? Where does self-sacrifice and self-preservation intersect? This was a conundrum that I found fascinating and wanted to write about that.

Kate: That's a fascinating question to explore. Besides the main character or hero/ine, who’s your favorite character in this book, and why?

Joel: There are really only three characters in the book, but my favorite is Tommy's friend, Vince, who is Cambodian-American with a prosthetic leg who also plays football. I based Vince's personality on a childhood friend of mine, who seemed to effortlessly bridge the gap between the 'jocks' and the 'band geeks' of our school.

Kate: You just grabbed my interest with that description--"Cambodian-American with a prosthetic leg who also plays football." I love it! 

Where can readers interested in your work go to find out more?

Joel: My blog:
Twitter: @authorarnold
Buy Snow Burn on Amazon

Kate: Thanks so much for participating in my author spotlight, Joel!!


You can enter to win Snow Burn and tons of other awesome books now by clicking here and following the directions! The giveaway concludes Tuesday, December 20th!


  1. Sounds like and awesome book. Is the competition open for foreigners?

  2. Hi Misha! The ebook giveaway IS open internationally. The print giveaway is not, unfortunately. And SNOW BURN is available in the ebook giveaway! So... yes for this book :)


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