Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Author Spotlight: Megg Jensen

As part of my BIG, AWESOME YA GIVEAWAY 2011, I am doing a few author spotlights highlighting some of the authors whose books are available to win.

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So without further ado...

*cue interview music*


Kate: Today's author is Megg Jensen, author of Anathema, Oubilette, and Severed (the Cloud Prophet Trilogy), among other books. That's right, she's giving away THREE books in the Big Awesome YA Giveaway!! She is also the author of Sleepers, which I understand is getting a new cover this week and thus couldn't be included.  


Welcome, Megg, and thank you for participating in the YA Giveaway: Author Spotlight!! Tell us about the Cloud Prophet Trilogy. What’s it about?

Megg: The Cloud Prophet Trilogy is comprised of my first three novels: Anathema, Oubliette, and Severed. It follows the journey of Reychel, a simple slave who’s destined to be more than she believes she can be. Reychel must the decisions she believes are right – whether or not they lead her to her destiny.

Kate: What kind of reader would this story most appeal to, and why?

Megg: It’s considered young adult fantasy, however I know plenty of adults who’ve enjoyed it – both male and female. There’s some romance, but there’s also a lot of mystery and action! My novels are what I like to call medieval dystopian.

Kate: Medieval dystopian? I love that!! I'm a huge fan of mixing up genres in interesting ways.

Tell us about the very first idea you had regarding TCP Trilogy, the one that made you say “I HAVE to write this!” Was it a certain scene, character, or situation?

Megg: My daughter said to me, “Mom, I can see things in the clouds.” I answered, “What shapes can you see?” Her answer: “No, mom, I can see the future!” It was in that moment that Anathema was born. (You can tell my daughter has quite an imagination too.)

Kate: What a great story! I love that your daughter had a hand in the idea.

Is there a particular theme of Anathema, etc that spoke to you personally as you were writing it?

Megg: Everyone always writes stories about characters with a grand destiny. While this is a typical fantasy convention, I wanted to turn it on its ear by letting Reychel make her own choices. Many things are not what they seem in my books, especially the ending of Severed. My readers seem to appreciate the element of surprise.

Kate: I love that--you give tradition a nod while reinventing it. What person (besides yourself, obviously) is most influential on your writing process?

Megg: Wow, that’s a tough question. My family is very supportive of my writing career and without their support, I couldn’t get everything done. In fact, my daughter is curled up next to me while I answer this questions and my son is playing on the floor.

Kate: *cackles* I love asking the tough questions! Is there anything you’re working on now that you’d like to tell us about?

Megg: I am revealing a new cover for my novel, Sleepers, this week! Plus, I have two sequels to Sleepers coming out in 2012. I will also be releasing a short story that has a connection to the Cloud Prophet Trilogy, hopefully in January. I never stop writing. :D

Kate: Wow, that is a lot of writing. You are a woman after my own heart, then! Now, where can readers interested in your work go to find out more?

Megg: I mainly hang out on Facebook. I kind of live there. Is that weird? ;)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/meggjensenauthor

Twitter: www.twitter.com/meggjensen

Website: www.meggjensen.com

Kate: There you have it, folks. Thanks so much for joining us, Megg!

Megg: Thank you so much for having me!!!!!!


Intrigued? Be sure to enter for a chance to win Megg's Cloud Prophet Trilogy (one winner will get the whole set!) and be sure to check out her new cover for Sleepers!

You can check out the list of total prizes for the giveaway here. I will be featuring five more authors from the Big Awesome Giveaway, so stay tuned


  1. Great interview! I loved that story about her daughter. How neat!

  2. Emily: Yes, isn't that fun? How cool that she'll be able to say she provided the inspiration for some of her mother's novels.


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