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Author Spotlight: Ashley Stoyanoff

Kate: It's time for another installment of my author spotlight series! Today we're welcoming Ashley Stoyanoff, who's here to talk about her recently-released novel, The Soul's Mark: FOUND.
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Welcome, Ashley! Tell me a little about your book.

Hi Kate, Thank you for having me!

The Soul’s Mark: FOUND takes a fresh look at soulmates.  Eighteen year old Amelia Caldwell has just moved to college when she realizes that her birthmark is more than what it seems.  She has been marked by a vampire’s soul. She is forced to unlock the painful memories of her past, and make life changing decisions.  Just when she thinks that life couldn’t possibly get any worse, Amelia’s reluctant meeting with a psychic reveals a prophecy that could ultimately change her entire life. 

"There is danger in your future. Many wish you harm and will seek to destroy you. The one you love most will be the cause of your death. But be warned he is also the only one who can save you. Revenge is for the weak. When the time comes you will need to forget the past and forgive those who have harmed you. Only then will you be able to forgive yourself. If you choose to be weak you will sacrifice those you love.” 

Kate: That sounds really intriguing!

Now, who's your favorite character in the book, besides the main character, and why is that character your favorite? What's your favorite scene?

This is a tuff one because I love all the characters, but I guess aside from Amelia and Mitchell, Eric would have to be my favorite.  He has a wicked sense of humor and a heart of gold. 

Kate: Did anything in particular inspire you or influence you when writing this book?

My biggest inspiration and influence would have to be my Mom.  If it wasn’t for her, I probably would have never finished The Soul’s Mark: FOUND.  When I got stuck on a plot twist or a character name or really anything I needed to talk through she was there. She encouraged me along the way, and her belief that I could write pushed me through all the bumps in the road.

Kate: She sounds like an awesome lady! 

What do you think is the hardest part of writing? The easiest?

For me, one of the hardest things about writing would have to be my crazy obsessive planning.  I create outline after outline after outline until the story is sound.  And then, once I’m happy with it, I’ll create another outline with new twists and turns. 

But all these outlines pay off because once I get to the actual writing the words come easily.  I know where the story is going and I can just let myself go and get lost in the characters and the plot.

Kate: Oooh, a plotter! I am a very dedicated plotter myself, although for me it's a fine balance, because too many outlines and I may not write the book. I have to find that sweet spot. Right now, I have sticky notes all over my computer serving as an outline of my current manuscript.

All right, enough about books! Tell me a little about yourself. What’s one fun or interesting fact about you that most people may not know?

Well, I live in Whitby, Ontario with my husband Jordan and two cats.  When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading.  I will read just about anything but my favorite would be romance with a supernatural twist.

One thing most people do not know about me is that I am a complete klutz.  I like to think that I hide it well.  Although, I’m not sure how interesting this is, but it shows how klutzy I am so I’ll tell you.   My legs are always covered in bruises because I walk into walls, drawers, doors, quite often.  I like to think that they jump out at me but the truth is I’m just a klutz. 

Kate: I run into walls, drawers, and doors a lot too! Its kind of hilarious and kind of sad. I always have a bruise on my leg SOMEWHERE. We must be kindred spirits that way.

Do you have any other projects or books you’re working on right now?

Currently, I am working on the second book in The Soul’s Mark series, called The Soul’s Mark: HUNTED.  The hundreds of outlines are done and I’m into the fun part now of the first draft. 

I am also working on something completely new, but at this point that’s all I can say. 

Kate: Well, best of luck with the new project (and the sequel!) Where can readers connect with you to learn more about The Soul's Mark series and your other projects?

Here are some ways you can talk to me:

Kate: Thanks so much for stopping by, Ashley! 

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