Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Very Important Message

I watched this amazing video today and wanted to share. I know I've been guilty of this. I remember commenting on a blog post while I was feeling a bit heated, and later realizing I'd hurt someone with my words. I've done the same on forums and other online spaces. Even though we interact with others online through machines, there are real people being affected, and I have no idea what those people are going through. What if someone is being a bit testy, but I don't realize that they just lost their job--or their mom? It's a sobering thought.

Anyway, this video is a good reminder.

It's so easy to forget that the person on the other end is just that--a person.

Video by Derek Sivers.


  1. Yep that is definitely a good reminder. Sometimes I really hate computers for this very reason. I love going camping and turning off my phone and being present with my family and nature.

    1. It'd definitely important to just get away and recharge at times!

  2. The lack of body language and visual cues on how a person is going to react certainly makes communication over the internet more difficult.

    I hate taking calls in front of people. Makes me feel bad. I think it sends a signal to the person that you're with that they're not as important as the other person you're talking to.

    1. True. And when you can't hear inflection, you might assume what the person is saying in a comment is meaner/worse than it really is. It's very tricky.


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