Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AERALIS is coming soon! First, some TEASERS

Hi lovely readers!

I have a few treats and news for you today.

First, did you know you can sign up to get an email from Amazon whenever an author you like releases a new book? If you look here on my Amazon author page, in the right-hand corner, it says "STAY UP TO DATE." Click the text below it that says "E-mail me when there are new releases by Kate Avery Ellison" and voila! You're signed up. It's THAT easy. Pretty cool, I say.

You could also sign up for my newsletter if you want to be sure to get fast notice of a new release. Like, say, AERALIS!

*shakes pom poms*

Either way, it's a cool feature that I didn't know existed. I'm definitely gonna be using that Amazon notification thing with some of my favorite authors in the future.

Now for the treats. Here're some some TEASERS from Aeralis!!! First I've got some quotes. I won't tell you who said them, but I'll give you choices. Okay? :)

This quote was said by either Korr, Gabe, or Adam. Who do you think it was?

“I’ll concede to you the battle,” he said. “But not the war. Sooner or later, Lia Weaver, I’ll have something you want.”

This one is either spoken by Gabe, Lia, or Korr.

“How dare you tail me like I’m some suspect your organization wants to spy upon? Who ordered you to do it?”

And here's a small excerpt of a rather tense scene between Adam and Lia, which includes a new character named Raven. Adam and Lia aren't very happy with each other at this particular moment.


HE SCANNED THE room and spotted me. He went still, his shoulders tensing, his eyebrows pulling together as he regarded me. “Lia?” he spoke as if to himself only, as if I were just a dream conjured in his mind.

I met his eyes without flinching, although a jolt of something tense and electric and frightening shot through me at the intensity in his gaze. “Yes.”

“What are you doing here?” The words were calm, soft, but an undercurrent of something cold lurked in them.

Raven stepped from behind the curtain in the silk shirt, and her lips curved in a slight smile as she saw Adam. “Brewer,” she said, not sounding surprised. “I thought I saw Merrick slipping away through the crowd when we arrived. He must have told you right away.”

Adam didn’t answer her. His eyes never left mine as he laid his hat on the table and stripped off his gloves.

“Is it Jonn?” His tone was flat, with no discernible glimmer of emotion in it.

“Jonn’s condition hasn’t changed,” I said.

Raven looked from Adam to me. We continued to ignore her. Adam raised his eyebrows at me and tipped his head. He looked calm, but I saw the tension in his fingers, his neck. His question was clear.
Why had I defied my orders, then?


So, be sure to sign up for my newsletter OR go to my author page on Amazon and click the text to get an email from Amazon when Aeralis releases in just a few weeks. Less than two weeks, actually. Very, very soon!!

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