Thursday, January 8, 2015

Upcoming Book Releases and News

Hi everyone!

Hope 2015 is treating you well so far. It's really cold here in GA, and the flu is everywhere, so I've been hunkered down at home, massively pregnant, and getting a lot done while I stay warm and avoid getting sick. Here's what's happening in the next month or so with my books:

For Wreck and Remnant is available to pre-order, and will release on Jan 12. I hope you guys like it. My husband says it's his favorite of the series so far, for what that's worth.

And my super-secret extra release is coming out in (I think!) February. I got it back from my editor this week and I'm working on revisions. I really hope you guys like it. Lemme give you a few ideas of what it's about:

-The book is set in the same world as A Gift of Poison, but several hundred years in the future. Briand is mentioned, but not integral to the plot. If you haven't read AGoP, you can totally read this book. It won't spoil anything and it stands on its own perfectly fine.

-I would describe the book as a cross between Gone With the Wind and Zorro, but fantasy.

-This is my husband's favorite of all the books I've ever written.

-My editor loved it too.

-This book is real close to my heart.

So that's a few facts, and I really hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out. Like I said, I love it a lot. I hope to have a title and cover in the next few weeks or so, maybe some excerpts and teasers to give you a better idea of what it's like!

And I'm already drafting Secrets of Itlantis #5 AND the sequel to A Gift of Poison.

Like I said, I've been cooped up over here.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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