Monday, July 11, 2011

Ten Faces for Writing a First Draft

1. The "I just had a great story idea" face

2. The "It's a really, REALLY good idea" face

3. The "I should be able to write this in a week, tops" face

There will be zombicorns, and readers will LOVE them.

4. The "I must think of an ending" face

Also, did I eat lunch today?

5. The "This is proving harder than I originally thought" face

6. The "Is this writer's block? I refuse to believe in writer's block so it can't be true!" face

Why is the ice cream cake gone?


8. The "I should have been a dental hygienist" face

Do not hold to hope, for it has forsaken these lands ...

9. The "I had an idea, it might work, but I'm afraid to hope ... I'll try it and see" face

I MIGHT be a genius ...

10. The "I'm a frickin' genius!!!!" face

It's official. Genius.

I'm in the first draft of a new book, and the second draft of an older book right now. I've been making a lot of these faces lately.

I'm pretty sure this could all be solved with ice cream cake.


  1. this was hilarious, I love it!

  2. Heh. Love the faces. I tend to make a "I'll try it and see" face a lot.

  3. DeMarie, WeatheredP: Thanks, guys!! *makes happy face*

  4. Or chocolate? Or a chocolate ice cream cake. Mmmm.

    Hilarious! I've been making all of these faces as I set to work on the next project.

  5. N.M. Martinez: Chocolate ice cream cake is THE BEST THING EVER. Literally.

  6. Hmm....have you been spying on me? :)

  7. Came in via Twitter and got VERY EXCITED to meet another blogger who uses stick figures in blog posts. I LOVE THE FACES. And yes, ice cream cake could be very helpful in solving many woes of writing/editing/rewriting/reediting/rewriting again.

    I'm probably mostly in the "I hate words and sentences and everything" phase of facial expressions right now, on all three of my current projects in their various stages.

    I'm going to go explore more of your posts now...

  8. I swear I just had these exact same faces last week - except for #10. Not there yet.

  9. Sarah: Let me show you my innocent face ...

    Laura J: I KNOW! I clicked on your blog and I was like heyyyyy whatdaya know? A kindred spirit! Good to meet you.

  10. Yup! The ice cream cake can solve all the troubles in the world!! :)

  11. Jemi: So true. It's the superhero of food.

  12. Hehe these faces are soooo cute! I think I would need a procrastinating face XD

    And yes, ice cream cake is awesome. Just had some last week, in fact. Mango and chocolate. (Er, not in the same cake.) So delicious, and perfect for the sweltering Taiwan summer!

  13. Linda: Procrastinating face, love it!

    That cake sounds delicious.

  14. Hehehe! I love the face that magically grows a unibrow! :D


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