Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Goals and Resolutions

Hi everyone,

Do you make goals or resolutions for the new year?

I looooooove goals. For me, there's something about writing down the things that motivates me to accomplish them Also, I'm a list-maker. I make lists about what I need to do for the day and the week, and they help me stay focused. And every year, I make a big long list of new year's goals.

About half of my new year's goals are personal and half are professional. I seal them up in an envelope and put the envelope in a box. Then at the end of the year, my husband and I pull out the list and go over it to see what I accomplished. I actually get really excited about seeing the list...it's kind of like a very mild version of Christmas for me, because I love being able to check things off the list.

This year, I have several "reading related" goals in addition to many goals regarding books I want to finish writing and publish. Last year I read 5 books on the writing craft, and I want to do that again this year. I never want to stop striving to be a better writer, and reading books on craft is one way to improve my skills.

Another one of my goals is to read 12 nonfiction books. I'm already halfway through the first one for the year, a book called Learned Optimism. So far I'm really enjoying it, even though it's not the kind of thing I'd pick up on my own (a friend recommended it). I have a few other "self help" style books lined up to read after I'm done with this one, and after that I'm going to scour the bestseller lists for whatever looks interesting.

I'm more of a fiction girl myself, but nonfiction is really enriching and I'm always glad when I read it. Last year I read (and loved) Half the Sky, so if anyone has a similar goal of reading more nonfiction, I recommend that one first.

Do you guys ever make any goals or resolutions about reading (or writing)? Does making goals help you the way it helps me?


  1. That is a good way to do goals--using categories and sealing them. I used to be more organized but with young children my survival goals supersede anything professional at this time.

  2. I love making lists! I find it so satisfying!

    I make reading goals, but I never get too specific in WHAT to read, just how much, because I feel a little stifled otherwise.

    I actually enjoy reading nonfiction, but mostly in the form of travel memoirs. I'm in the middle of Wild by Cheryl Strayed (about her journey on the Pacific Coast Trail) right now and loving it.

    1. That sounds really interesting! I love memoirs.

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