Monday, January 21, 2013

Weavers Teaser #2

Today we have another excerpt from Weavers, the newest and third book in The Frost Chronicles!

(Weavers releases reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally soon! If you want to be sure to get a copy as soon as it hits stores, sign up for my new releases newsletter here.)


The boards of the Mayor’s house gleamed the color of bleached bone in the pale sunlight, and dagger-like icicles glittered along the roof. Even the footprints left by soldiers’ boots looked like ugly scars. Everything about the house felt dangerous now.
I held my breath as I climbed the back steps and rapped three times on the door.
A servant opened it. She regarded me with a frown. “Yes?”
The password. Ann would recognize it and know I needed to see her. “I—I need to show Ann Mayor some yarn,” I said. “I’m Lia Weaver.”
The girl shook her head. “I’m sorry, but she cannot see you now. You’ll have to come back.”
Then she shut the door in my face.
I knocked again, and this time, when the girl opened the door I pushed against it.
“Hey!” She threw up an arm to block me.
“I have something to tell Ann Mayor. She will be angry when she finds out that you wouldn’t—”
“Let the girl in,” a voice purred, and I froze.

There you go...another short little teaser! I'm going to have more news about the release date very soon, and good news--it's going to be earlier than I expected! So stay tuned!

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