Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weavers Teaser #1

Today we have an excerpt from the newest and third book in The Frost Chronicles, WEAVERS!

(Weavers releases at the end of January. If you want to be sure to get a copy as soon as it hits stores, sign up for my new releases newsletter here.)

As promised, an excerpt:

It was too dark to make out the wagon tracks that crisscrossed the frozen dirt like scars on a mangled cheek, but I knew they were there because the sight of them was branded in my memory forever. Soldiers carted prisoners along this road all year long. From one such wagon, Gabe had escaped across the river and into the Frost. The wind blew against my cheeks, teasing water from my eyes.
Adam’s hand brushed my shoulder—a single, light touch. A question. Was I ready? The moonlight glinted off his eyes. In response to his unspoken words, I stepped forward into the field toward the road.
I was ready.
We reached the river. Here the sky loomed over us, steel gray and too big, and I shivered. I couldn’t feel safe under such a large sky after a life beneath the trees. The water glittered like ink as it glided past, smooth and unstoppable. Once this river had formed the boundary between the Frost and Aeralis, the place the Farthers would not cross. But no longer. Now they had spilled over into our land, bringing with them their oiled weapons, their crude mechanical technology, their glove-clad cruelty.
Adam crouched beside the water and dug another small hole. He filled it with supplies and marked the place by drawing the Thorns symbol on the trunk of a sapling above it.
I stared across the river at the road as he worked. The sense of danger I felt looking at it mingled with a sudden, intense need to stand in the place where so many others had made their escape. I turned and scanned the bank of the river.
There—a fallen tree stretched across a shallow point like a bridge. I jogged down the bank and scrambled up the roots. My heart galloped. My mouth was dry. I grasped the rough bark of the tree and hauled myself up.
Adam followed at my back like a shadow. I expected him to grab my arm, hiss in my ear to stop, to tell me to wait for him while he crossed alone. But he didn’t.
The tree trembled as I crossed it, but it bore my weight easily. I reached the other side and jumped down. The Frost was at my back. Aeralis’ border was before me. A shiver spread over my skin. I tingled from my scalp to my fingertips. I’d never been on this side of the river.
Adam landed beside me. I caught the flash of his quick smile in the blackness.
“I just wanted—” I began.
His voice was just a tickle in my ear. “You’ve never been across the river, have you?”
The warmth of his breath against my skin made me flush. I nodded and moved away an inch. There was a tension between us now, a dance of avoided topics and guarded looks. Perhaps the unlikely attraction had always been there, lurking just beneath the surface. But since I’d almost kissed him in the barn a few weeks ago, the feelings had grown into a thrumming heat that filled every word, every look, every interaction. I didn’t know how to deal with it. He’d become woven into the fabric of my existence, mingled with the air I breathed. If I reached out, he was there. If I spoke, he answered.
Yet we were separated by a gulf of unspoken feeling that neither of us would express.

Well there you have it, folks. A short little bit of a scene between Adam and Lia. Hope you enjoyed :) And before to look for Weavers in stores at the end of January!


  1. So excited!! I just started reading this series and finished both books in 3 days. LoL! I couldn't put them down!
    Can't wait for the third!! Team Adam :)

    1. I am so excited for everyone to read them too, Kate! :)

    2. I'm guessing Gabe is going to come back.. And if Lia chooses Adam over him, I'm going to flip :(

      I missed Gabe so much in the second book D:

  2. I'm so excited! Can't wait!

  3. Love Adam and Lia together;)


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